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Labodanglais is modified Moodle website created in 2009 to serve the needs of college ESL students in Quebec. It provides companion activities for the Actively Engaged Series of textbooks, but it can also be used independently. Labodanglais is a great choice for teachers who want to take advantage of the speed, stability, and innovations that only Labo can provide.

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We love Moodle.

Other publishers all insist on using their own learning management systems. They lose data, give lousy support, and make it difficult for teachers to modify or add content. We insist on Moodle. Why?

Moodle is packed with interactive features. Students can use their webcams, microphones, keyboards, headphones, to demonstrate what they know and what they can create.

Moodle is universal. Teachers and students benefit from getting to know a common platform shared between disciplines and courses. The teacher in the next office should be able to help you navigate a familiar platform. With a common platform, our colleagues and classmates can help us excel. Furthermore, YouTube and and Google Search can help solve almost any problem on your own.

Moodle is popular. Many teachers already have the skills needed to get started with If you know Moodle, your Moodle skills will be useful to you on If you don’t know Moodle, Labodanglais will show you the ropes with our help pages and tutorials.

With Labo, you can learn to give coded students more time, drop the lowest grade from a course gradebook, set up groups, force students to read a text before taking a quiz, and many more Moodle tricks.

We love speed.

College Moodle systems can suffer from slowdowns and stability issues. Labo is always available. Why? is hosted on its own very powerful webserver running on 100% renewal energy. Public Moodle servers can become congested–like public roads. But Labo is like your own private driveway. Traffic jams never happen.

We love innovative pedagogy.

Teachers often claim that they could do more with fewer students, but reducing group size is too costly for our colleges and the government to fund. Therefore, we must turn to automation to manage our workload and improve the learning opportunities for our students.

You will find blog posts about modules and features that you can only find on We have teams of developers working on new features all of the time. If you have an idea for a new feature, let me know. If it isn’t available already on the public Moodle plugin repository, we can build it for you.

Here are some ways in which teachers and students help to make better through collaboration. Teachers suggested that we make the website more visually appealing. We added icon navigation. Teachers asked for automated essay evaluation. We added FastAssignment. Students asked for extra regimentation. We added automated email reminders. Teachers asked for automated speaking evaluations. We added the Speaking Assignment.

We love teachers.

Some teachers complain that other publishers lose their students quiz scores and aren’t very supportive when there are bugs or questions. In contrast, Labodanglais teachers and students receive support within minutes via email or text message. If you notice a bug or have a question about how to make a change to your course, I can help. We have how-to tutorials and helpful chatbots in every course.

Don’t delay.

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