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This course is for you if you are studying commerce with the intention of getting a job in sales. Here's what you will learn:

  • To communicate in English with the personnel and directors of an establishment or company, by preparing a LinkedIn profile, a CV, a cover letter, and by rehearsing job interview questions and answers.
  • To receive and transmit information orally, by interpreting oral instructions, requesting clarification as needed, and executing specific business-related tasks. 
  • To interpret the context of documents written in English, by reading instructions and performing specific business-related tasks.
  • To deal with clients and suppliers, by email, with a chat widget, and face to face
  • To establish contact with a client by email, in person, and through online marketing materials.
  • To respond to a client's request for product information, by email and over the phone.
  • To take the client's objections into consideration, by asking for permission to ask follow-up questions, by paying a compliment, and by framing a purchase decision.
  • To negotiate with suppliers, by hiring freelancers, explaining a need, and placing an order.