Listen and Summarize Oral Evaluation

Wouldn’t it be great if a student could instantly receive a score and feedback, after watching a video and explaining to a classmate what he or she heard? An evaluation like that would be much closer to the way language is actually used in the world. makes it possible. Students watch a video and then record themselves summarizing it. The assignment plugin scores their oral automatically. Doesn’t that sound so much better than giving students a listening quiz?

Oral Practice Strategies

Saying words and phrases aloud has several benefits. Here are some oral practice strategies that work well. Did you know that it is 10% easier to remember items that you say aloud compared to items you read silently (MacLeod & Bodner, 2017). And practicing difficult to say words will help to improve your pronunciation and rate of speech. Also, you will gain confidence in your ability to communicate complex ideas as your memory, pronunciation, and rate-of-speech improve.