Multiplatform syndrome

Multi-Platform Syndrome

How many website accounts do your students need for your course? Do you ask them to use an additional website every week? How many different logins do they need to remember by the end of the month? Multi-platform syndrome is the frustration that students feel when their teacher asks them to make accounts on multiple websites, with each website requiring new logins, navigation, and user-experience challenges.

Multiplatform syndrome is stressful for students. You can see the frustration on their faces. Which email did I use? Which password? Did I store the password in my browser on my laptop at home? How can I authenticate my login when my phone battery is dead? Am I even on the right website? Why did the teacher make the course so complicated? I wish we didn’t have to go to the computer lab with this course.

Multiplatform syndrome is counterproductive. The time students spend logging in and resetting passwords is time they are not learning. Sometimes teachers like to think that students are learning digital literacy or patient problem-solving when they get locked out of their accounts. Maybe.

Or maybe it’s time wasted that could be spent engaging with the content of the course.

Get or to eliminate multiplatform syndrome for your students.

  • Labo can automatically score writing assignments, correcting errors and providing AI enabled coaching.
  • Labo can capture webcam video and score your students speaking skills.
  • Labo can even provide your students with interactive speaking practice using a conversational chatbot, which prepares them for conversations with other learners around the world.
  • When students click a link on Labo for the Virtual Writing Tutor, an account is automatically created for them and they are immediately logged in.
  • When students click a link to on Labo, they are immediately logged in.
  • YouTube and Ted Talk videos are automatically embedded. The teacher merely has to paste the URL in any window.

It’s just one login for everything.

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