Movie Clip Duets

Movie Clip Duets

Speaking a language is more than just getting the consonants and vowels right. For professional actors, speaking a line in the script must convey depth of character and the appropriate emotion in the moment. Who wouldn’t want to speak their second language with greater depth and meaning?

Teachers can now offer their students automatically scored “Movie Clip Duets.” Give your students the opportunity to practice their pronunciation by imitating Hollywood actors as they say their lines.

How do “Movie Clip Duets” work?

The system shows a video clip of a Hollywood actor saying his or her lines. Watch the video and learn the line. Then, click “Start recording” to activate your webcam. Click “Stop recording” and submit your video for automatic scoring. The system gives you a score based on how well you said the words in the clip.

See below for an example of how it looks to the student.

Watch examples of students creating a Movie Clip Duet

How much does it cost?

It’s $5 CAD for each student to access one hundred movie clips to practice with for 4 months. Students enroll with their email addresses. Payments are easy with the PayPal payment system. There are no recurring fees.

If you already have a course on, then you can add all these clips to your existing course for no extra charge!

How can I get “Movie Clip Duets” for my students?

Give your students this link.

For a private course for your students alone, send your request to

If you have a Labodanglais course already, just add the growing collection of Movie Clip Duets yourself. Visit the Sharing Cart by Type activity repository. Click on the basket icon next to the title of section. Add the entire section to the bottom of your course. It’s so easy to add interactive AI evaluated activities to any course on